Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

Hypnotherapy Consultancy and MCCH Accredited Training

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Hypnotherapy in Carlisle & Appleby, Cumbria

Hypnotherapy for Health & Happiness

“Hypnotherapy in Cumbria” is a private hypnotherapy practice owned by Hazel Thomson who consults from Sunny Brae in Appleby, and Bourne House in Carlisle.  Hazel graduated from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis over 25 years ago and has since trained in a number of disciplines including, EFT, EMDR, counselling and coaching.  She offers both one to one hypnotherapy sessions but also CPD training in Hypnotherapy and courses in EMDR.  She is Principal and Founding Member of MCCH which offers accredited training in hypnotherapy.

“I am passionate about helping others to be as healthy and happy as they can be but also about passing on the knowledge and experience I have acquired throughout my long career as a healthcare professional.  I welcome all enquiries surrounding health and well-being and firmly believe in the mind-body link to access our own healing resources.   Sometimes we can lose our way in life so I also assist others with career development or identifying their true purpose.  If your interest is in becoming a qualified hypnotherapist please go to the course details page on this website or for more general background visit www.mcchtraining.co.uk

1If you require a personal consultation at my clinic at Sunnybrae in Appleby or Bourne House in Carlisle, Cumbria please call me or email me to discuss your issue and I will be able to tell you how I can address the problem and what you can expect following treatment. There is no charge for telephone consultations.  During a session I will always take time to listen to your story and demonstrating empathy and integrity are central to my working ethics.  I have successfully treated thousands of people of all ages with a very wide variety of conditions including anxiety, depression, low self esteem, weight problems, phobias, addictions, stopping smoking  and emotional issues such as jealousy or relationship break up.*  Feedback comes from numerous sources, more often through referral. Happily, clients do phone or write and I have posted a few examples in the testimonial page which you might find useful.  It is not uncommon to require only 1 session to get rid of unwanted habit or deal with an irrational fear. Some people however feel more comfortable with two sessions, particularly if they want to learn Self-Hypnosis or to build on their new found confidence. I recommend a minimum of two sessions for weight reduction and four is preferable.  If the case is particularly complex then up to 6 sessions may be needed. An example would be anorexia nervosa.

Children respond very well to hypnosis because they have such good imaginations although their attention spans are much shorter.  I have seen a child as young as 5 years old but typically children come to see me from the age of seven upwards. It is not uncommon for a child to have problems at school and hypnotherapy can be extremely useful to help them overcome anxiety or bullying. I always ask if  a young client wants an adult present and for very young children it is essential. Children love to incorporate a favourite hero into their solution making and if appropriate will use drawing to express themselves. In summary I have found for those who are willing to embrace hypnosis and are open to change that remarkable results are possible.*

Hypnotherapy is a partnership between Hypnotherapist and Client.  No hypnotherapist has ‘control’ over a client.

*Results may vary from individual to individual